Soy: The Gender Affecting Food?

Beginning in about 2009, soy was found to supposedly increase breast cancer due to effect of increasing estrogen levels. This increase of estrogen also was claimed to be found in males who consumed soy, making them more feminine. This scare caused people to believe that eating soy could permanently affect men’s hormones. Male bodybuilders began to worry as they began to consider the negative impacts to their “manly” bodies. Women also became concerned with soy products as the claims of increased breast cancer risk became more prominent.

However it has been found that soy has no effect on male hormones or the risk of breast cancer. In Asia, many countries consume more soy than meats and dairy. This has been a factor in correlating the life expectancy, lower rate of cancer and heart disease when compared to the United States or Europe ( Claims made to misrepresent soy products “have been found to use insignificant statistics, understate research that refutes anti-soy arguments, and relies on animal research studies, which are irrelevant to human health” ( Overall, finding a balance in different types of food is important so that all of the different nutrients the human body needs can be obtained.




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